No-Show Fee

Our goal at Complete Womens Care is to make your appointments the best it can be, so we prepare well for your visit.

Let’s review what we do when you request an appointment:

  1. We take time to schedule your appointment to fit your schedule.
  2. Verify your insurance benefits and request authorization to minimize your expenses.
  3. Preview your chart and make sure that lab/test results are ready so that we can address all your needs and provide excellent care.
  4. Prepare medications and instruments you may need during your visit.
  5. Reserve time for our team, including the physician’s time.
  6. Do not give your time to other patients.

We provide our services, knowledge and time to you with utmost dedication.

If you don’t come to your appointment and you do not reschedule in a timely fashion, we will have no option but to bill you a $50.00 fee to cover a portion of our expenses, relating to your appointment.

Dr. Scott Berman and Staff of Complete Womens Care

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